Original deco chest revamp

We were lucky enough a few weeks ago to get our hands on this beautiful original deco piece. For a few weeks we kind of just pushed it around the shed because we couldn't decide what we were going to do with it. We aren't in the business of refinishing furniture because it takes a long time and we just wouldn't be able to recoup the costs so painting is the better option. However on this piece, to paint it would be a crime. Due to the shape and nature of the piece if it was painted it would probably look like an 80s reproduction. 

The finish on it was orange and thinning quite badly. The piece itself we in need of some intense love but we didn't want to change it to much. Eventually we decided to strip the existing varnish off, paint the handles in graphite chalk paint ™ and black wax the whole piece within finished it off with clear wax. To apply the wax we used a 00-00 steel wool rubbing the wax in along the grain, turning the wool occasionally to reveal new corse pieces. We then buffed over the piece with a chux cloth to get any excess wax off

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  • absolutely gorgeous

    Roz Halton

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