Multi drawer dresser revamp

I feel like I have been starved of artistic flare lately so I have been wanting to do a piece that is way out there and very different. I feel I have achieved that with this piece!

It was such fun to do, I have been seeing inspirational images around a bit lately of multi coloured drawers and decided I was going to give it a try. I like the size and shape of these drawers it's a nice little pop of colour.

I knew the planning stage for this one would be crucial and I also wanted to run my idea by Mum first to see if what was in my head was actually a good idea. So I got started and played around with all of our coloured eggs until I found an order I was happy with. I then did a rough sketch of the piece and played with the colours on the drawing to be sure they all worked. I knew they would because all of the chalk paint colours go amazingly well together!

I chose French Linen for the outer body of the piece and the drawers are as follow: 

Top left: old white, top middle: Paris grey, top right: country grey, 2nd row left: Versailles 2nd right: duck egg, 3rd row left: french linen, 3rd row right: chateau grey, bottom row left: olive bottom right: coco

I then finished the whole piece off with white wax. The white wax gives the piece a nice muted and blended look. I was very happy with the result!



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