Locker revamp

Did you know you can paint straight onto metal with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™? 

I found this locker in the shed of one of our properties and I wasn't keen to throw it out because I knew one day it would come in handy. Today is the day! I have given it some new life and now it is on its way to becoming a funky broom cupboard in my little home. 

As you will see the locker was in a bit of a grubby state with dirt, rust and numerous insect dwellings. All I needed was to give it a good wash down with hot soapy water. I like to use dish washing liquid because it is developed to combat grease and because this was in a man's shed I'm guessing there is probably a spot or two of grease on it.

After washing it down really well I gave it 2 coats of a mix of pure white with a touch of paris grey letting it dry completely between coats. Using a fine sandpaper I then distressed the locker just lightly because I'm not really into that heavily distressed look, personally. However if I was, I would wet my sandpaper and the Chalk paint™ would come off easier. Then with a soft cloth and clear wax I waxed the whole piece. And there you go done! It was so easy and looks great too. I love that it will add a point of difference to my home.

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