Television cabinet before and after

It has been such a long time since I have shown a good before and after, to be honest most of the time I forget to take the 'before' photo. I am so glad I thought to snap this one though!
As you can see this cabinet was pretty beaten up! With the handles and the carvings it gave a very oriental theme and when I first saw it I defaulted to the obvious Chalkpaint™ colour, Emperors Silk. This type of cabinet isn't really our scene so we knew it would be hard to make it win in the shop. The carving were pretty banged up so we decided removing them would be the best option. 
after deciding to remove the carvings we needed to decide what we would replace them with. Fabric would be hard for us and our customers to keep clean, glass is way to time consuming and we are really under the pump to keep the shop full right now. We thought about taking the doors off all together... until... "what about the pressed metal?!?"
We have been hoarding these tiny bits of pressed metal for the longest time! I try and make John put them in every thing! The problem I keep running into is the pattens never match up because the panels are always to large for the bits of salvaged tin we have.
So with added tin, two coats of 50/50 old white and pure white Chalkpaint™, a light distress and a wax and some new knobs this pretty is good to go!
Of course the knobs can be changed to suit your own style. I just love how it has gone from a dated oriental piece to a fresh modern country piece and it has stayed out of land fill!

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