What To Do When Your Chalk Paint™ By Annie Sloan Cracks

The wonderful thing about Chalk paint™ is you can create all sorts of different looks with it. A lot of the time it has a mind of its own and will do things you didn't intend for it to do which can be wonderful if you like experimentation but if you have a end result in mind and the paint disagrees with you it can be frustrating if you don't have the right knowledge in how to fix it. These thing happen to me regularly because I paint so much as I come accross an issue I will try to document what happened, why it happened and how I fixed it here for you to use as a reference.

Sometimes when you paint in particularly hot or windy weather and your paint has been applied thickly and has dried quickly you may experience some "alligatoring" where you paint cracks unexpectedly. Although it looks terrible if your going for a smooth finish it really isn't hard to fix at all.

All you need to do is grab your fine sanding block, the same one you use to distress your piece and lightly rub over the cracking. This both smooths out the cracks and picks paint dust up and drops it into the cracks to cover them up and fill them in, then you just wax as normal.

It is so easy!

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